• HIBUR Snap Button Tool

    HIBUR Snap Button Tool

    After struggling with those dreadful craft store pliers for years and ruining lots of snap sets, you will find that the HIBUR tool is the best tool for setting snaps in leather or canvas. Hibur is a portable tool that makes a perfect snap every time.Read More
  • Snap Fastener Kit

    Snap Fastener Kit

    SNOWL snap fastener kits have earned a reputation as the best performing snap fasteners of their type in industrial applications. Renowned for their self-piercing capabilities, SNOWL snap fastener kits are made from heavy gauge stainless steel.Read More
  • Automotive Fasteners

    Automotive Fasteners

    OWOZ automotive fasteners are made from nickel-plated brass and are ideal for hard environments. Their heavy-duty construction ensures they will perform snap after snap, even on difficult applications.Read More
  • Boat Canopy Parts

    Boat Canopy Parts

    Whether you're sewing your own custom boat cover, dodger or canopy, a snap fastener will be an integral part of the process. We proudly offer an exceptional selection of OWOZ brand canvas snap fasteners that are specifically designed for canvas use.Read More
  • Plastic Turn Button

    Plastic Turn Button

    The plastic turn button style and combines it with click-and lock back plate boosting assembly accuracy. POM material. A great button for bag.Read More
  • Turn Lock Clasp

    Turn Lock Clasp

    The turn lock clasp also known as Common Sense fasteners. Attach vinyl to vinyl, canvas to canvas or simply screw down to a frame. Marine grade material is perfectly suited to a marine environment.Read More
  • Turn Lock Fastener

    Turn Lock Fastener

    The turn lock fastener also known as common sense fasteners. The post goes through the eyelet and turn the button to lock. They are often used in marine, car and bag industry.Read More
  • Plastic Hook

    Plastic Hook

    The plastic hook is made of POM material. POM's material has strong bearing capacity and is not easily deformed. Therefore, the plastic hook of POM is often used in daily life, as a clothes hook, towel hook and so on.Read More
  • Plastic Strap Eyes

    Plastic Strap Eyes

    Made from POM raw material and refined for the marine market, these plastic strap eyes enhance performance in durability, strength and lubrication.Read More
  • Plastic Twist Lock

    Plastic Twist Lock

    The plastic twist lock is made of POM material and can be used instead of the metal twist lock. It is characterized by light weight, toughness and elasticity, and the price is cheaper than the metal twist lock. POM material twist lock can be used for daily necessities such as...Read More
  • OWOZ Accessories

    OWOZ Accessories

    OWOZ accessories are multi functional fasteners that are securely connected and easy to remove. They are a safe to use hardware accessory. People often use it on boats, guitars, bags, cars and even medical equipment!Read More
  • SNOWL Marine Accessories

    SNOWL Marine Accessories

    SNOWL is a company specializing in the production of marine hardware accessories. Its own brands OWOZ and SNOWL are sold well both at home and abroad. Our products include OWOZ buttons, stainless steel snap buttons, twist lock fasteners, cover clip and so on. I believe that...Read More

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