Installation Tool

  • Hand Press Pliers for Snap Button

    Hand Press Pliers for Snap Button

    This Hibur tool is easy to use. The tool, as shown in the large picture, comes with Button and Socket dies for setting buttons/sockets. If you order this tool, it will come with one package of 2 molds. It is very light to hold so woman can use with slight strength.Read More
  • Turn Button Eyelet Hole Plier

    Turn Button Eyelet Hole Plier

    This eyelet plier is for punching turn button eyelet hole and for Common Sense Fastener Hole. Easy to Use, Just Place a Piece of Wood Underneath and Strike with a Mallet.Read More
  • Snap Fastener Tool

    Snap Fastener Tool

    This snap fasteners tool is small, the size is 24mm*31.6mm. It is light and easy to carry. The small key is made of stainless steel is an ideal gimmick for you and your customer.Read More
  • Eyelet Punch Machine

    Eyelet Punch Machine

    eyelet punch machine is a completed lightweight, easy to use tool which allows you to install resin/plastic snaps in seconds. This machine can be used for snap buttons as well.Read More
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