Bag Accessories

  • Plastic Twist Lock

    Plastic Twist Lock

    The plastic twist lock is made of POM material and can be used instead of the metal twist lock. It is characterized by light weight, toughness and elasticity, and the price is cheaper than the metal twist lock. POM material twist lock can be used for daily necessities such as...Read More
  • Handbag Lock Buttons

    Handbag Lock Buttons

    Handbag lock buttons is very simple and practical. It is made of non-magnetic metal. Magnetic are not suitable for long time use,because the magnetic will get weak. And the brass material is better for long term use.Read More
  • Twist Lock Fasteners for Handbags

    Twist Lock Fasteners for Handbags

    IF you are finding a high quality bag making hardware featuring this twist lock fastener will be a good selection. It is a very safe twist locks. Because there are a smart switch. All available in a range of color.Read More
  • Bag Safe Lock

    Bag Safe Lock

    leather sewing with snaps is your good choice. Leather Closures For Handbag Clasp DIY bag material is available now. There are three color for choice.Read More
  • Purse Turn Lock Hardware

    Purse Turn Lock Hardware

    The high quality purse turn lock increases the value of your product. It is an accessories conquers the daily life.Read More
  • Purse Locks Closures

    Purse Locks Closures

    The purse locks closures is available all the time.There are five color in available: nickel, chrome, stainless steel original color, black nickel and chrome nickel. For sale!Read More
  • Leather Purse Fasteners

    Leather Purse Fasteners

    There is a perfect design of your leather purse fasteners. Use snap buttons for leather purse fasteners is a fresh application. The closed system is very practical and aesthetically pleasing and easy to implement.Ideal for fixing on leather or thick fabricRead More
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