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Multi Functional OWOZ buttons
- Sep 26, 2018 -

1.The introduction of the OWOZ buttons

OWOZ button closes and locks automatically. The smart mechanism will not open unless the cap of the upper part is lifted and the ball head is released.  

2.The styles of the OWOZ buttons

OWOZ button is divided into two parts, the upper part and the lower part. Currently we have 10 different parts of the upper parts, and more than 20 kinds of lower parts, such as screws, long plate and round plate. Electroplating colors are available in nickel, chrome and black chrome!

OWOZ buttons.jpg

3.The performance of the OWOZ buttons

The load-bearing tension of the OWOZ button is more than 130kg, which is equivalent to the weight of two adults. Therefore, OWOZ has the features of connect reliable and release easily.

OWOZ buttons 2.jpg

4.The application of the OWOZ buttons

Due to the superior tensile strength, and the features of reliable connection and simple disassemble, OWOZ button is widely used in various industries, such as boats, cars, guitars, luggage, etc.. And it has been a highly appreciated. 

OWOZ buttons 3.jpg

5. The Summary

The ingenuous OWOZ fastener is the easiest, quickest and safest fastening solution! We are constantly enhancing our repertoire in order to find the perfect fastening solution for you! If you are looking for a great fastener, do not hestitate to contact us!

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