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Snowl OWOZ marine fasteners
- Oct 08, 2018 -

You have been looking for a fast, secure and easy fastening solution for solving your boat’s fixing problem? You can find the most complete marine fasteners on our website. Such as OWOZ button, snap buttons, twist lock fasteners, lift the dot fasteners, shock cord cover clips and so on.

OWOZ Fasteners:

OWOZ fasteners.jpg

Stainless steel Snap buttons:

snap buttons.jpg

Tent Fasteners:

tent fasteners.jpg

Shock cord cover clips:

shock cord cover clip.jpg

Stainless steel marine accessories:

marine accessories.jpg

In addition to its work in the marine industry, Marine Fasteners now provides creative ideas and proven solutions to a number of other fields. We are taking our extensive knowledge in stainless steel and corrosion resistance to other industries such as guitar, car, medical industrial, and restaurant equipment to help you make smart choices around your fastener strategy.

Marine Fasteners can differentiate your offering and assure your success in the future by matching your fastener strategy with the specific needs of your industry. We look forward to working with you.

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