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A Brief Introduction Of Hexagonal Screw And Its Application
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Hexagon socket head cap screws are hexagonal head screws and are often called hexagon head screws. China's hex screw standards are based on Chinese standard parts, referred to as the national standard. Then this hexagonal screw standard refers to the national standard of the hexagonal screw.

The standard specifies hex head bolts with thread sizes M3~M64, A and B. Class A bolts for D<=24 and L<=10D or L<=150mm (smaller values); Class B for D>24 or L>10D or L>150 (small value) bolt

Hexagon bolt size specifications (pictured)

Marking: thread size D=M12, nominal length L=80mm, performance class 8.8, table with oxidation, marking example of class A hex head bolt

Bolt GB/T5782-86-M12×80

GB standard hex bolt head-to-edge size and matching national standard wrench

Thread Diameter\Pair Side Size Head to Side Size S Socket Wrench Combination Wrench Double End Open Wrench Double end wrench.

Hexagon bolts are the most frequently used type of bolts. The main function of the external thread is to match the nut. With this threaded connection method, the two parts are integrated.

Class C hex bolts are mainly used on steel structure machinery and equipment where the surface is rough and the precision is not high. The hex bolts of Class A and Class B are mainly used on machinery and equipment with high surface requirements and high precision.

Stainless steel hex screws are mostly full-tooth hex head bolts: DIN933, GB5783, ISO4017, ANSIB18.2.1, JISB1180; non-total bolt standards DIN931, GB5782, ISO4014, ANSIB18.2.1, JISB1180.

The main purpose

Hexagon socket screws, standard parts and fasteners are widely used in the production, installation and maintenance of various mechanical equipment, electronic products, communication equipment, furniture equipment, construction industry and other industries.

There is a standard for the hexagonal bolt standard. The level standard is divided into 4.8 and 8.8. These two levels are particularly used in the market. Especially the 4.8-class hex bolt. Because he is much cheaper than the 8.8 hex bolt. Of course, it will be more extensive. But for products with high requirements. Because of its high hardness and other requirements. This requires the use of 8.8 grade hex bolts. The 8.8-class hex bolt is harder in terms of hardness and screw torque. It is more secure for use on products. More tight and more stable.

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