Turn Button Hole Opener

Holes for eyelets and prongs for turn button Fasteners can be cut with an knife, but these professional cutters make the job considerably faster and easier.

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Product Details

1. Turn button tool

The Turn Button Hole Opener is made of carbon steel with steel cutters. Used to cut into the canvas and act as a hole punch. Making the installation of eyelets and washers an easier process. A fraction of the cost of the next tool on the market. It will not do hundreds but will help you out with repairing a good few dozen if used right. This turn button hole opener is to be used only with turn buttons. Will not fit the lift dot fasteners.

Turn button hole opener

2. How to use

This turn button hole opener tool will punch the holes in your canvas in the shape of the turn button eyelet to make fitting the eyelets a simple task. A useful tip is to have a magazine under your canvas, some people use a block of wood but I find placing a magazine or similar between the wood and canvas helps. Then place the tool in the area you want to cut the hole and strike with a hammer. The hole opener tool will then punch through your canvas and a few pages of the magazine. 

Turn button hole opener used

3. About us

We are a factory specializing in canopy fasteners. In the past we designed and manufactured canopies fasteners. At present, we have developed more than 100 tent fasteners for customers to choose. In order to improve our product supply and solve the difficulties encountered in the process of installing fasteners, we have gradually developed different types of installation tools.

hole opener company

4. Packaging & Delivery

Packaging: Carton packaging.

Delivery: Since the turn button hole opener tool is hand-made(small order) and will not be in stock, the general delivery time is around 15-20 days.

hole opener maker

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