HIBUR Snap Button Tool

After struggling with those dreadful craft store pliers for years and ruining lots of snap sets, you will find that the HIBUR tool is the best tool for setting snaps in leather or canvas. Hibur is a portable tool that makes a perfect snap every time.

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Product Details

1. Introduction

Hibur snap button tool is a very simple tool to operate. Made of magnesium alloy, the net weight of the tool is very light, only 428g it has, so even ladies can easily operate it. Two sets of molds are available for the 15mm size snap.Be sure to get the correct dies for the snap size you are using! 

HIBUR snap button tool size

2. Application

Hibur snap button tool is a professional-grade fastener installation tool that lets you set fasteners with just a one-handed squeeze. This Hibur tool automatically punches a hole and installs the fastener while letting you keep one hand on the fabric. With the Hibur snap button tool you can also purchase a variety of add-on die sets for installing other types of specialty fasteners, such as eyelet fasteners. If you need it, you can search for the hibur tool for installing eyelet fasteners on our website.

HIBUR snap button tool application

3. Details of the Hibur tool

The HIBUR snap button tool uses the principle of the lever design, so it will be very labor-saving to use, and the button can be installed with one hand. In addition, we have designed the tool can  be adjusted the distance between the dies, so that the customer can adjust according to the thickness of the fabric, suitable for different needs of every customers. This durable, high-quality HIBUR tool can save you hours of tedious work on your next project! 

snap button tool

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4. About US

Our company specializes in the production of fastener hardware, which has more than ten years of experience. As the product line continues to evolve, we are also beginning to research and produce different types of fastener installation tools to complement our product line, such as hibur snap button tool and hole opening tool. In addition, we can also customize according to customer's sample, whether it is hardware or tool type products.

HIBUR snap button tool factory

5. Packaging & Delivery

Packaging: Each set with a plastic box.

hibur tool package

Delivery: Small order can be ship by Express such as DHL, UPS, TNT within 7 days, bulk order can be shipped in 30-35 days after received the deposit.

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