• Plastic Twist Lock

    Plastic Twist Lock

    The plastic twist lock is made of POM material and can be used instead of the metal twist lock. It is characterized by light weight, toughness and elasticity, and the price is cheaper than the metal twist lock. POM material twist lock can be used for daily necessities such as...Read More
  • OWOZ Accessories

    OWOZ Accessories

    OWOZ accessories are multi functional fasteners that are securely connected and easy to remove. They are a safe to use hardware accessory. People often use it on boats, guitars, bags, cars and even medical equipment!Read More
  • SNOWL Marine Accessories

    SNOWL Marine Accessories

    SNOWL is a company specializing in the production of marine hardware accessories. Its own brands OWOZ and SNOWL are sold well both at home and abroad. Our products include OWOZ buttons, stainless steel snap buttons, twist lock fasteners, cover clip and so on. I believe that...Read More
  • Turn Button

    Turn Button

    Turn Button from our extensive collection of products. These buttons are manufactured using excellent quality raw material and latest technology by our competent professionals. Additionally, the buttons are highly durable and resistant to daily wear and tear.Read More
  • Boat Pad

    Boat Pad

    EVA Foam Flooring Sheet for Boats is a new design for your deckings.You can cut the styles for your boat.Many color are released now!Read More
  • EVA Pad

    EVA Pad

    Among the most popular with boating anglers is textured, closed-cell EVA foam, which provides traction that equals or surpasses that of traditional decks, wet or dry, as well as cushioning to mitigate fatigue and sore muscles during long days on the water.Read More
  • Boat Flooring

    Boat Flooring

    The EVA foam teak boat flooring takes on the harshest of marine environments while offering superior comfort and durability over some of the other decking solutions.Read More
  • Boat Parts and Accessories

    Boat Parts and Accessories

    Y-Snap is a high quality stainless steel snap that is used in a wide range of industries. It is also a very practical boat part and accessory.Read More
  • Boat Parts

    Boat Parts

    The OWOZ locking system is widely used by a wide range of marine vehicle manufacturers. The OWOZ locking system is a corrosion-resistant multi-function boat part.Read More
  • Rope Cleat

    Rope Cleat

    The cleats are used on boats and docks for tying rope around to hold either boats or other items. These are hugely popular within the marine industry. They are Manufactured from 316 stainless steel giving them the best rust protection.Read More
  • Turn Button Eyelet Hole Plier

    Turn Button Eyelet Hole Plier

    This eyelet plier is for punching turn button eyelet hole and for Common Sense Fastener Hole. Easy to Use, Just Place a Piece of Wood Underneath and Strike with a Mallet.Read More
  • Stainless Steel Rope Cleat

    Stainless Steel Rope Cleat

    Our rope cleat has a Stainless Steel Finish For Great Rust Protection. They are designed for a loose rope end to be tied off on making them suitable for general purpose and shade sail applications.Read More
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