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The OWOZ button is a practical small boat accessory. It can be used on the soft decoration of the boat. Whether in the cabin or in the cabin of the boat, the OWOZ button can help you solve the problem of soft fitting installation because of its excellent rust and oxidation resistance.

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Product Details

1. Product Introduction 

The OWOZ button has a small size of 20*15mm, and consists of a lock body and a washer. It can be used with different types of lower parts, such as screw type, cloth-to-cloth type and plate type, and people can choose them according to the different installation needs.

Small boat accessories

2. Watch the video to learn how to use this small boat accessories: 


3. Product application 

As mentioned above, the OWOZ button is a versatile small boat accessories that can be used in many marine trimming on board, as well as in guitar, bag, and automotive industries.

Small boat accessories OWOZ

4. Production details 

This OWOZ button has 4 colors, nickel, chrome, black chrome and stainless steel. Some customers will prefer brighter colors, so they will choose nickel or chrome. Some people prefer stainless steel for their rust resistance. However, some customers install a black canvas surface and want to match with a black button, then this black small boat accessories is what you are looking for!

Small boat cover accessories

5. Company Profile

Our company specializes in producing professional small boat accessories such as OWOZ button, rotary buckle, snap buttons, nylon cord button and installation tool HIBUR. Founded in the mid-1990s, the factory has developed more than 100 products to meet the needs of the market. On our website, you find that we have the most comprehensive and excellent marine hardware accessories!

Small boat accessories supply

6. Shipping and Packaging

Packaging way: 1000 pcs/carton. Carton size: 46*17*17 cm.

Small boat accessories loxx

Shipping arrangement: Delivery time depends on the order quantity.

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