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OWOZ accessories are multi functional fasteners that are securely connected and easy to remove. They are a safe to use hardware accessory. People often use it on boats, guitars, bags, cars and even medical equipment!

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1. Introduction of OWOZ accessories

The OWOZ button is a multi functional fastener made of copper and stainless steel. Usually they are divided into two parts, the upper part and the lower part. Unless the cover of the upper part is pulled up, the upper and lower parts are not easily separated, and the safety performance is extremely high. In addition to being used on ships, OWOZ buttons can also be used on cars, bags, guitars and other items. As shown in the figure below, the OWOZ fasteners are available in a variety of styles. No matter where you are going to install, there is always one for you!

OWOZ Fasteners

2. The performance Introduction of OWOZ accessories

The performance analysis of OWOZ fasteners is shown in the figure below. After testing by professional institutions, OWOZ fasteners can withstand 1300N lateral tension and 1200N longitudinal tension respectively, that is, it can withstand a weight of about 120kg, which is equivalent to the weight of two adults! Therefore, people like to use it to install boat awnings, dodger and cover accessories. Because of the safety of OWOZ fasteners, people no longer have to worry about the damage of the ship because it can not withstand the harsh marine environment!

OWOZ fasteners 1

3. OWOZ accessories installation tool

In order to make it easier and more convenient to install OWOZ fasteners, we also have installation tools for production! This small tool is made of stainless steel and has a high hardness. OWOZ fasteners' rings are usually equipped with two holes, which can be used to tighten the locking part and the ring without loosening by the small tool! In addition, the hexagonal hole on the tool is used to install the lower part of the screw type! Small tools, great effect!

OWOZ Fasteners 2

4. Use of OWOZ accessories

People often use OWOZ on boats, bags, cars, guitars, and even medical equipment, which is why we say that OWOZ fasteners are a versatile fastener. As long as you use your imagination, OWOZ fasteners can solve your fixing problems!

OWOZ  fasteners

In summary, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the OWOZ fasteners, if you want to know more about the OWOZ fasteners, please feel free to contact us!

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