Brass Boat Console Accessories

OWOZ button is a very practical brass boat console accessory, because it is easy to install and quick to disassemble, and the boat owner can easily operate it by himself. In addition to the boat, OWOZ fasteners can also be used on cars, guitars and other objects.

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Product Details

1. Introduction

The brass boat console accessories can be matched with different types of lower parts. Customers can choose the type of cloth to be clothed or the type of cloth to the surface according to different needs.

Brass boat console accessories

2. Product Parameter (specification)

ColorChrome plated
ApplicationBoats, Cars, Bags, Medicals, Guitars, Basses...

3. Application

As I mentioned earlier, OWOZ fasteners can not only be used as a boat console accessory, but also can be applied to other soft accessories on the ship, such as awnings, yacht interiors and so on. In addition to the marine industry, OWOZ buttons can also be used in cars, such as the convertible of a convertible car, or the foot pad of a car. OWOZ lock buttons can also be used on guitars as a locking clasp for guitar straps. In addition, it can also be used in bicycles, motorcycles, medical equipment, etc.

Brass boat console accessories manufacturer


4. Production details

This brass boat console accessory is a style that is loved by customers. Because it is designed as a "big head" style, as we know, OWOZ button is a smart device that release the ball head of the lower part by lifting the cap of the upper part. Therefore, the design of the "big head" can make people better grasp the cap and pull it up easily, even in the cold winter, people can do this success with thick gloves.

Brass boat console accessories china

Watch the video to see how to install the OWOZ accessories for the boat console:


5. About US

Our company is a professional manufacturer of marine hardware accessories. The company is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Until now, our company has developed more than 100 products, and the diversified product supply meets the different needs of different customers. And we will not stop the pace of research and development, hoping to create more and better products for our customers!

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6. Delivery & Packaging

Packaging details: Our packaging is packaged in plastic bags + inner box + carton to ensure that the product is not damaged during transport. 1000 pcs/carton. Carton size: 46*17*17 cm.

Brass boat console accessories maker

Delivery time: Delivery time depends on the order quantity. Both airfreight and sea transportation can be arranged.

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7. FAQ

Q: What market is your product mainly targeting?

A: Our products are aimed at customers around the world and currently have a certain customer base in Asia and Europe.


Q: Does your company's products provide after-sales service?

A: Yes. If you find a problem after receiving the product, please contact our staff in time, we will follow up until the problem is solved.


Q: How can I get your e-catalog?

A: Customers can download our electronic catalog on the current product page. If you encounter problems during the download process, please contact our staff and we can send them to you by email.

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