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SNOWL is a company specializing in the production of marine hardware accessories. Its own brands OWOZ and SNOWL are sold well both at home and abroad. Our products include OWOZ buttons, stainless steel snap buttons, twist lock fasteners, cover clip and so on. I believe that our company is your best choice for purchasing marine hardware products.

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1. The SNOWL marine accessories---OWOZ Button

The OWOZ button is a versatile fastener made of copper and stainless steel. Usually they are divided into two parts, the upper part and the lower part. Unless the cover of the upper part is pulled up, the upper and lower parts are not easily separated, and the safety performance is extremely high. In addition to being used on ships, OWOZ buttons can also be used on cars, bags, guitars and other items.


2. The SNOWL marine accessories---Snap Buttons

SNOWL's snap buttons are made of marine grade stainless steel 316. The rust-proof performance is extremely high, and the installation and disassembly are convenient. It is the best choice for people to install awnings, dodger and other accessories for their boat!

snap button

3. The SNOWL marine accessories---Lift dot Fastener

The life dot fastener is made of copper and stainless steel, and they are also suitable for use in marine environments. The special thing about the lift dot fastener is that it can only be opened from a single direction. If you want to open it from other aspects, this can be a bit difficult. If you don't believe it, please contact us for some samples to test :)


4. The SNOWL marine accessories---Twist lock fastener

SNOWL's Twist lock fasteners are available in three materials, one made of copper and zinc alloy, one made of all copper, and one made of stainless steel. With so many choices, there is always one that will suit you!

twist lock fasteners

5. The SNOWL marine accessories---Shock cord cover clip

SNOWL's shock cord cover clip is made of nylon material. Its raw material is imported from Japan. It is heat-resistant and UV-resistant, which increases its service life. The part of the rope can withstand a pulling force of 1200N, and the length can be manufactured according to the requirements of the customer!

shock cord cover clip

6. The SNOWL marine accessories---HIBUR hand press tool

The HIBUR hand press tool is made of magnesium alloy, which is light in weight and has a net weight of only 428 grams. Our design uses the principle of leverage and is easy to operate. In addition, the part of the mold is usually matched with the installation mold of the snap button, if you need to install eyelets or other accessories, you can tell us, we can customize the corresponding mold for you!


7. The SNOWL marine accessories---Stainless steel boat accessories

In addition to the above marine fasteners, we also supply a variety of marine stainless steel accessories, such as hinges, rope cleats, shackles and etc., the details can be found on our website!

marine accessories

8. The SNOWL marine accessories---Deck mat pad

Deck mat pad is made of EVA material, color can be freely matched, various patterns, heat and UV resistance, its service life can be up to 2-4 years, interested may wish to contact us for inquiry!

deck mat pad

After reading all the product introductions above, have you found the accessories you need? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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