Plastic Turn Button

The plastic turn button style and combines it with click-and lock back plate boosting assembly accuracy. POM material. A great button for bag.

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1.Introduction of the plastic turn button

A POM plastic turn button with a flat base and two eyes for easy screwing attachment.  An excellent alternative to stainless steel turn buttons and fits perfectly onto your bags super structure. 

Plastic turn button 9

2.The effect of the plastic turn button

Bag or Purse Turn button. A popular style of fastener / Twist Lock for fitting to your bags to keep them closed.  5 part lock, easy to fit and easy to operate. You will require a punch, or some other tool, to make the holes in your bag for the Lock.

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3.Design details of the plastic turn button

Cloth To Cloth POM plastic turn button are also known as Twist Lock & Common Sense Fasteners. These fasteners are unaffected by moisture or humidity and will withstand extremes of temperatures. Not as strong as their metal cousins and are subject to UV ray deterioration.

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4. Transportation of the plastic turn button

We offer express and sea transportation. For the delivery date of the goods, the delivery period is about 5-7 days, and the delivery time for bulk production is about 30 days.

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