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Types Of Car Accessories
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Launch system

Engine assembly, filter, cylinder and components, oil seal, oil pump nozzle, fuel economizer, valve tappet, tubing, connecting rod assembly, crankshaft camshaft, Bush and connecting rod bush, valve and components, fuel tank, piston, flywheel gear ring, tightening wheel, belt, supercharger, carburetor, ternary catalytic converter, fuel injection device, etc. Auto Starter Accessories such as starter and accessories, and other launch systems.

Walking system

Front axle, rear axle, shock absorption system, suspension system, axle housing, half axle, balance block, buffer, rim, hub, frame assembly, automotive tires, agricultural tires, construction machinery tires and other automotive parts.

Body accessories

Car case, door, glass, mirror, license plate frame, seat and accessories, car bearings, handrails, handles, handles, handle, mesh, leaf plate, cab and accessories, airbag, car seat belt, glass lifter, car antenna, wiper, car muffler, car horn, car seals bumper, line Li box, luggage rack, extrusion parts, stamping parts, exhaust pipes, other body accessories and other auto parts.

steering system

Horizontal pull rod assembly, pull rod, pull rod ball head, center pull rod, steering drive arm, steering follower arm, steering gear dust sleeve, steering gear assembly, steering shock absorber, steering booster pump, steering gear gasket repair kit, power steering tank, pull rod adjustment bolt, steering follower arm bushing, power steering pipe, steering knuckle, steering Disk, other steering system and other auto parts.

The pull rod ball is also called the ball head connecting rod, for example, the manual gear is a pull rod ball head. The accuracy of the ball is the highest, mainly in terms of force deformation and fatigue resistance.

braking system

Brake pads, clutches, friction pads, air compressors, hand brakes, brackets, axle heads, vacuum intensifiers, brake shoes, brake pumps, cables, clips, brake assembly, brake pans, brake chambers, brake drums, sliders, lugs, control valves, dryers, brake discs, anti-lock braking system / ABS.

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