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Ship Fittings Management Method
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The management of ship parts refers to the management of ship parts planning, production, purchase, supply, reserve, and the quality of management work, which is directly related to ship equipment, post-maintenance work, and affects the safety of ships during operation. And economic benefits, so to manage the accessories through scientific and reasonable methods, in order to ensure the maintenance of the equipment and normal and smooth work in the later period.

First of all, the ship fittings company requires that every ship fitting must be coded and archived. For the coded ship accessories, it should be stored in the established position strictly according to the regulations. The reason why the code is required is because the code can know where the parts are stored in the specific position. When the parts need to be used, the first time can be quickly and efficiently found. Accessories, this can provide managers with efficiency, and make the management of parts more organized and simple.

Second, the ship parts should be inspected regularly. Due to the wide variety of ships and the variety of ship accessories, managers can not only focus on managing some important parts, but ignore the management of other parts. If the inventory of parts is huge, the management will become very complicated, so it is necessary. Inventory parts should be inspected regularly, all parts must be documented, and different parts should be registered separately. For the eliminated parts that have not been used, it is necessary to clear them regularly, reduce the inventory, and make the management work more clear and clear.

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