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Purchase Skills Of Car Accessories
- Sep 10, 2018 -

First, see whether the logo is complete. The quality of authentic products is good, the handwriting on the package is clear, and the overprint is bright. Packaging boxes and bags should be marked with product names, specifications, models, quantities, registered trademarks, factory names, factory addresses and telephone numbers, and so on. Some manufacturers also make their own labels on accessories. Some important components such as generators, distributors, fuel injection pumps, etc. are also equipped with instructions, certificates and inspector's stamps to guide users to use and maintain correctly. When purchasing, we should recognize them carefully so as not to buy fake and inferior products.

Two, see whether there is any deformation in geometry. Some parts are prone to deformation due to improper manufacturing, transportation and storage. When checking, the shaft parts can be rolled along the glass plate one circle to see if there is a leak of light between the parts and the glass plate to judge whether the bending; when choosing the clutch driven disc steel sheet or friction sheet, the steel sheet and friction sheet can be held in front of the eyes to observe whether it is warping; when choosing the oil seal, the oil seal with the skeleton should be in a regular circle, so as to be able to judge whether it is bending. The outer edge of the oil seal without skeleton should be rectified and deformed by holding it in hand, and it should be restored to its original state after release. When choosing all kinds of liners, we should also pay attention to checking geometric size and shape.

Three, see whether the joint position is smooth. In the process of handling and storing spare parts, because of vibration and bump, burr, indentation, damage or crack often occur in the joint, which affects the use of parts. Attention should be paid to inspection when purchasing.

Four, see whether there is rust on the surface of the parts. Qualified parts surface, both a certain degree of precision and bright finish, the more important parts, the higher the accuracy, the more stringent anti-rust packaging. Care should be taken when purchasing, if the parts are found to have rust spots, mildew spots or rubber cracks, loss of elasticity, or the surface of the journal has obvious knife lines, should be replaced.

Five, see whether the protective surface is intact. Most parts are coated with protective coating when they leave the factory. For example, the piston pin and bush are protected by paraffin wax; the surface of piston ring and cylinder liner is coated with antirust oil and wrapped in wrapping paper; the valve and piston are packed in plastic bags after being soaked with antirust oil. If the seal sleeve is damaged, the wrapping paper is lost, the rust oil or wax can be lost during the purchase, it should be replaced.

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