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How To Use The Electric Guitar Strap Lock?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

There are two ways to install the guitar straps, depending on the situation of your guitar.

1) There are strap buckles at the bottom of the guitar and strap buckles at the 45 degree angle of the upper side plate of the case. In this case, the strap buckles on the two strap buckles are just as good as the clothes buckles.

2) The guitar has a strap buckle at the bottom, but not on it. In this case, the strap is tied to the head of the instrument with a rope.

Note: first, find the right place. If your buckles are positioned in a wrong way, the balance of the guitar will be destroyed and it will be very uncomfortable when you stand playing; second, be very careful when installing the buckles at the neck, which is too rude to crack the neck.

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