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2018 Netherlands METS Exhibition Ended Successfully
- Nov 22, 2018 -

In 2018, METS was held in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The exhibition was held once a year. This exhibition is the second time that our company participated in the marine hardware accessories exhibition. The main products we showed in the exhibition are OWOZ buttons, snap buttons, twist lock buttons and shock cord lock, etc. Through this exhibition, we showed our main products to the distributors and end customers. At the same time, we collected the potential customer information, and further knowing the latest market of the marine hardware accessories market.

Different from the exhibitions that we participated in the past, this exhibition, our company exhibited new products launched this year, providing customers with a more comprehensive product line, and also launched a series of discounts, such as 5% discounts for confirming order in the exhibition, etc.


Our company have achieved great success in this exhibition. Not only have our products been displayed through this exhibition, but also customers have confirmed orders on the spot. In summary, this exhibition provided a platform for our company to promote the image of our company and help us to develop our company for a long time!

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