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Why do we choose nylon as a raw material for the shock cord cover clips?
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Our shock cord cover clips are made of nylon (PA6 1010C2), a term for polyamide fibers (nylon) that can be made into long or short staples. Nylon is the trade name of polyamide fiber, also known as Nylon. The English name Polyamide (abbreviated as PA), whose basic constituent substance is an aliphatic polyamide linked by an amide bond - [NHCO]-.

shock cord cover clip

PA has good comprehensive properties, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubricating properties, low friction coefficient, certain flame retardancy, easy processing, suitable for fiberglass and Other fillers are filled with enhanced modification to improve performance and extend the range of applications. Therefore, nylon is also widely used in life.


PA6 1010C2--PA6 plastics make a significant contribution to the continuous improvement of the value of the building and the quality of life. Plastic products used in construction need to withstand years of experience, so the durability of these products should be extremely high. This feature requires PA6 materials to be scratch resistant, impact resistant and dimensionally stable. When used in outdoor equipment, these products require excellent weather-ability and UV radiation resistance to ensure that the product does not become yellow or brittle.

bungee loop shock cord cover clip

In summary, nylon has the characteristics of heat resistance and UV resistance. For the sea level with sufficient sunlight, I believe that our nylon buckle can also provide the best help for your vessel.

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