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What is the application of Twist lock fastener Common Sense Fasteners?
- Oct 10, 2018 -

One set Twist lock fastener Common Sense Fasteners included Eyelet, washer and stud.

These Fasteners are Top Quality and Designed for Marine or Recreational Vehicle Use.

4000B00 new2.jpg

It offers a quick yet secure way to fasten two pieces for cloth to cover.

Manufactured in nickel-plated brass, perfectly suited to the marine environment.

These positive locking fasteners will never open accidentally.


Although these are the fasteners typically found on boats, the uses are endless. From dodgers and boom covers, awnings and tarps or bags and purses, these turn fasteners for sale are definitely handy. Use the Turn button Eyelet Hole Punch to make perfect holes for the eyelet and washer.


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