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What are the functions of the boat's accessories?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Nowadays, with the development and progress of our society, many industries are emerging, such as the shipbuilding industry. Ships can not only transport goods for us at sea, but also carry tourists to travel to the sea to watch the scenery of the sea. It can be seen that the ship is also one of the important means of transportation in our lives. So how much do you know about the ship's information? Do you know what accessories are needed for the ship? The ship, like other motor vehicles, must be powered by a power unit and some auxiliary equipment before it can sail. These powerplants and auxiliary equipment are as follows:

1. The main power unit. The main power unit is the most important equipment in the ship's power equipment. It mainly includes: ship main engine, transmission, shafting and propeller. Its function is to enable the ship to generate propulsion power, and to transmit the power of the main engine to the propeller device. In addition to transmitting power, it can also play the role of deceleration and shock absorption. Most of the ship propellers use fixed-pitch or adjustable-pitch propellers.

2. Auxiliary power unit. The ship's auxiliary power unit is the ship's generator, which provides power to the ship under normal and emergency conditions. It mainly includes generator sets and switchboards.

3. Steam boiler. A steam boiler is required on a diesel engine-based ship. It consists of an auxiliary fuel oil furnace and an exhaust gas boiler, and a piping system and equipment for supporting the same.

4. Refrigeration and air conditioning units. The installation of refrigeration units is for the refrigerated transport of goods, food and improving the living conditions of crew and passengers, etc.

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