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Teach you four strokes of car accessories
- Sep 10, 2018 -

It’s a lot of car owners worry about repairing old cars. Especially now there are so many black-hearted businesses, so consumers must be more careful.

One is to check the product logo.

The name, factory address, and telephone number of the brand-name products are clear, and the quality of the outer packaging is good, the writing inside and outside the box is clear, and the color of the overprint is clear. The counterfeit and shoddy products often have poor quality of the outer packaging, the writing inside and outside the box is not clear, the color of the overprint is turbid, the trademark pattern is blurred, and the outer packaging of some counterfeit and shoddy products also has the phenomenon of discoloration.

The second is to check the attached documents.

According to the national regulations on important parts of automobiles, such as carburetor, engine, distributor, generator, gearbox, etc. of the assembly, the product specification and certificate must be attached to the factory to guide the installation and commissioning during the repair and later. maintain. Counterfeit and shoddy products do not have these accompanying documents, especially the refurbished parts that have been removed from scrapped vehicles without any documents.

The third is to check the price of the product.

Consumers can check the price of the same type of auto parts through the Internet or contact other merchants. Through price comparison, you can roughly distinguish the authenticity of auto parts. The price of counterfeit products is much worse than the price of genuine manufacturers. Even the price difference reaches tens. Times. If the price of the purchased accessory is found to be significantly lower than the market price, or the merchant's purchase channel is not normal, it is mostly a fake and shoddy product.

The fourth is to view the product details:

The first thing to look at is the security mark of the product. There are two main types of anti-counterfeiting methods: one is the anti-counterfeiting code. Some auto parts have a silver coating on their outer packaging or certificate and instructions. The scratch-off coating will have a set of numbers, which can be sent to the factory to verify the authenticity by SMS. The second is fixed coloring. The coloring of some automotive parts is fixed as a special mark for its products.

Next, look at the joints of the parts. There are several types of joints between parts, such as press fitting and welding. In the case of a combination of two or more parts, the joints are not allowed to be loose or have a gap.

Look again at the protection of the parts. In order to prevent parts from being damaged during transportation and storage, the genuine products will be coated with a protective layer on the surface of the product or packaged with protective oil seals and protective covers.

Also look at the surface strength or hardness of the parts. The design requirements of genuine brand parts are high, the material quality is good, and the processing technology is advanced. However, the counterfeit products can not meet these conditions, and the surface quality is poor. You can use the hard objects such as steel saw blades to gently test the surface of the parts. Traces indicate high hardness and good quality.

Finally, look at the production process of parts. The production process of fake and shoddy parts is poor, the processing quality is rough, and there are cracks and sand holes in the die castings. The surface of parts removed with scrapped vehicles has certain signs of wear.

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