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Selection requirements for hardware fittings of luggage and bags
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The quality of a handbag and bag hardware is decided not only by the quality of the bags, but also by the quality of the bags. A suitcase, a good suitcase tie rod, casters, material, but there is no good hardware accessories, grade still can not go, the choice of hardware accessories suitcase is very important, then how to choose it?

Handbags, bags and hardware products should choose high quality hardware accessories. The processing of inferior hardware fittings will make the handbags and suitcases not flexible to open, push, close tightly, slide smoothly, droop or even fall off, and bring trouble and inconvenience to consumers. The price, grade and life of the hardware accessories of handbags and suitcases are the key factors that restrict the price and life of handbags and suitcases.

When purchasing handbags and trunks hardware buttons, hardware locks, metal arm (handle), corner guards, and other handbags and trunks hardware accessories, push and pull several times, feel its sliding, closing smoothly. In order to buy safety locks.

When you purchase, you can use the key to insert several times to see if it is smooth, whether the surface is smooth or not, and whether the switch is saved. In the selection of decorative handbags and luggage hardware accessories with good appearance and performance, it mainly depends on whether the appearance is defective, how glossy the plating, whether the handle is smooth and so on.

One important part of the quality of a handbag, suitcase and hardware product is its quality, which determines the flexibility, durability and life of the various components when opening. General metal parts generally feel bad, manual parts rough, long time is prone to problems. So the choice is to see the quality of the hardware accessories.

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