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OWOZ guitar/bass strap lock installation
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Have you ever dropped off your guitar or bass during the performance caused by the the broken strap lock? Damage the guitar or bass, and destroy the whole performance? To prevent the instrument strap lock from falling off, you can try to use the OWOZ strap lock, which has high safety feature, simple installation, connect reliable and release easily.


Here is a simple way to install the OWOZ buttons, only 3 steps to finish the strap lock installation:

guitar strap lock OWOZ

Watch the video to learn how to install the OWOZ guitar/bass strap lock:


The OWOZ mechanism will not open unless the cap of the upper part is lifted and the ball head is released. The safety is ensured by the smart mechanism.


In addition, the OWOZ buttons also can be used to Car, Motor and medical care industry. We believe that the OWOZ button is the best perfect fastening solution for your fixing problem!

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