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Matters needing attention in the use of stainless steel buckle
- Sep 10, 2018 -

We use stainless steel buckle bundling packaging, some places need attention, only pay attention to the details can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, avoid some accidents. What do you need to pay attention to the packing of stainless steel buckle? 1. Steel pipes are usually bundled with stainless steel fasteners and delivered in bundles. Each bundle shall be of the same batch number (except those permitted and approved in the technical specifications), with a maximum weight of not more than 5 tons dry. By mutual agreement, the weight can be increased and the delivery can be carried out in small packages. The steel tube with diameter larger than 159 mm and the special-shaped steel tube with circumference greater than 500 mm cross section can be delivered in bulk.

2. The ends of the bundled steel tubes should be placed neatly, and the short steel pipes should be individually packed.

3. Every bundle of steel pipe is firmly tied with steel or steel wire. The length of the steel pipe is less than 3 meters, at least 2 places, 3 big trunks less than 4,5 meters less than 3 places, more than 4,5 meters less than 7 meters less than 4 places, 7 meters to 10 meters less than 5 places, 10 meters more than 6 big trunks.

4. One end of each wire should be twisted with a pipe joint. The threads and machined surfaces of the steel pipe and its joints must be painted with rust preventive oil or other antirust agents. The guard ring should be screwed on the pipe end and inner joint.

5. After demand, the two ends of the steel pipe can be covered with plastic sleeves.

6. As required by the demander, the inner and outer surface of the steel pipe can be coated with a protective layer against rust, which should be considered easy to be coated and removed.

7, the form of binding packaging is round, rectangle, frame type hexagon four.

8, quality products should be packed in six corners and firmly secured with steel bands.

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