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Key points of car Accessories replacement
- Sep 10, 2018 -

First, make use of sealant as far as possible. If necessary, paint substitute can achieve ideal sealing effect.

Secondly, the appearance quality of rubber seals should be carefully checked before assembling, and special tools should be used to press the seals to avoid knocking deformation.

Third. According to the regulations, lubricate grease should be added, and regular vent and one-way valve should be cleaned.

Fourthly, assembly is carried out under extremely clean conditions, and the working surface of the parts is free from knocks, scratches, burrs and other attachments.

Fifth, strict operation procedures, seals should be properly installed to prevent deformation in place.

Sixth. Grasp the performance specifications and requirements of seals and replace failure parts in time.

Seventh, for the thin-walled parts of the side cover type, cold sheet metal is used for correction; easy wear shaft hole parts can be used metal spray plating, welding repair, adhesive, mechanical processing and other processes to achieve the original size;

Eighth, the nut should be repaired or replaced by the broken thread and loosening of the nut, and the torque must be screwed to the specified torque.

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