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Importance of screws
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Maybe we'll hear reports of plane crashes, car accidents, and improper use of machinery. Most of these reports come in a way that we don't want to see, and many of them are caused by small screws. Can be a long-term use of screw loosening, ah, it may be the quality of the screw itself, ah, it may be improper mechanical use caused by our screw offset. Small details, small role screws often hold our lives. Friends who have seen the butterfly effect of American movies know this: Often our actions have an impact on our surroundings, and the result is that every detail of us leads to our future situation. Maybe the movie is a partial enlargement of our real life, in order to attract our attention, but such things we have to admit that in real life there is a real existence. And our screws are a very simple example. Imagine that in a world without screws, our cars can't be built, our machinery can't run, install, build, electrical appliances, materials, assemble, and that's what we can't deny.

So since small screws play such an important role in our real life, we naturally have to do homework for its understanding, only this understanding, we will form an intuitive understanding of such a screw world. Its value will be more understood, and then it will have an impact on our behavior. That is to better use our tools that affect everything.

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