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How to maintain bags of different materials
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Whether it's a long journey or a business trip, I can't miss the trunk box. I have seen a lot of pull rod boxes broken in the middle of the road, and luggage is nowhere to be placed. This is closely related to the maintenance and use of our bags. There are many kinds of materials for pull rod boxes. How should we maintain different kinds of pull rod boxes?

1. Nylon/polyester tie-rod box is the most commonly used tie-rod box fabrics, they are uniform color, wear-resistant and waterproof, but itself is chemical fiber, breathable and dust-proof, inflammable. Normally, they can be cleaned directly in the water. To protect them, the tie-rod box should be kept in a dry but not shady place, and the dust bag should be used to protect the inside articles.

2, canvas pull rod box. Cloth rod box is multi-ply weaving, so the texture is solid, wear-resistant, and diverse styles, colors, is the boutique fashion industry. Normal cleaning canvas tie box can not be cleaned with bleaching elements of detergents to prevent fading canvas tie box; can be directly cleaned or soaked in cold water, but prohibit exposure, it is recommended to dry in the shade. Canvas suitcase can be cleaned up before buying it back. The cleaning method needs to be soaked in salt or vinegar for 30 minutes to prevent fading in the future.

3, leather pull rod box. The leather pull rod box is usually made of cowhide, high-grade and precious, so the treatment is even different. When cleaning the dermal tie-rod box, it is best to use a soft dry cloth, such as the one used for glasses. If dry cloth is used, it will cause scratches on the surface of the dermis.

If you want to wash the dermal tie-rod box with water, you have to choose neutral detergent, after cleaning, it is recommended to dry in the shade, to prevent sun exposure and lead to dermal rupture. When the dermal tie-rod box appears, glycerin can be applied to keep the color of the dermal tie-rod box better and prolong the life of the dermal tie-rod box.

4, PC/ABS and other rigid rod boxes. Hard tie-box is the darling of the tie-box fashion industry, because they have a bright appearance, plasticity, appearance is important, function is the natural focus. The rigid rod box has high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, water resistance and pressure resistance, but it is not resistant to falling. Although wear-resistant, wear to the surface will not destroy, but will leave a mark, so we should always pay attention to try not to scratch the surface of the hard rod box.

Hard rod box cleaning is the most convenient, because the surface is smooth, so in the case of dust or pen paint with a wet cloth wipe will be able to restore the original; if you encounter oil stains, they can be directly cleaned with detergents and other cleaning products. The storage of rigid rod boxes can not be prevented from being deformed in sunlight.

In these kinds of tie-rod box, canvas and nylon polyester material tie-rod box price is the lowest, in fact, PC / ABS and other hard tie-rod box, the highest price is the leather tie-rod box. The leather suitcase belongs to our middle and high-grade luggage, no PC / ABS and other hard suitcase plasticity, but it does look very big.

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