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How to install EVA Faux Teak flooring on your boat?
- Nov 08, 2018 -

1. Thoroughly clean the area of EVA Faux Teak flooring  application. It is recommended to use a cleaning agent that will not leave any residue. Clean the installation area with a clean cloth using a glass cleaner to ensure that the cover area is completely dry before installation. (If you have glue, grease, binders and other substances, you can use mineral spirits and then remove them with acetone.)


2. Place the EVA Faux Teak flooring  in the exact position of the cover, carefully cut the backed paper liner from the middle position with a razor, check again that the position is correct, and then ensure that the backing is completely cut from the center to the side.


3. Re-turn the EVA Faux Teak flooring  and re-locate it to the location you want to install. Secure one side of the EVA Faux Teak flooring  to the mounting platform using 2" tape.


4. Repeat the action to complete the installation on the other side.

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