Stainless Steel Eye Nuts

Eye Nuts are designed to provide a method for anchoring chain and wire rope to a fixed surface by threading the Eye Nut onto a rod or bolt. Rustproof and Marine Grade.

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Product Details

1. Product Introduction of the Stainless steel eye nuts

Lifting eye nuts are available in different sizes including M6, M8,M10,M12,M14,M16,M20,M24 eye nuts and manufactured to DIN 582 specifications. 



2. Product Parameter (specification) of the Stainless steel eye nuts






DIN  582

Model   number



Stainless steel


Marine Grade


corrosion and rust resistant


3. Product feature and application of Stainless steel eye nuts

These fittings are designed to provide an eye (for attachment purposes) where there is only a male thread available. Generally, these are used for lifting or attachment purposes. You simply screw on your eye nut and you have landscape anchors or a double headed eye bolt or a host of other things you can dream up.


4. Production details of the Stainless steel eye nuts

Our Stainless steel eye nuts are all made from stainless steel. The standard is DIN 582.

Product dimensions, finish, head type, and thread length for different size are shown at the above pricture.




5. Product qualification of the Stainless steel eye nuts

Our Company

Snowl Hongkong Company Limited is a professional manufacturer of marine hardware ,which was established in 1995.Our stainless steel marine products have excellent corrosion resistance and durability.When surfaces are constantly exposed to water, it is necessary to resist rust to the highest degree.Our main market is United States, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore etc..




6. Deliver,shipping and serving of the Stainless steel lag eye bolt

Packaging Details




Small orders will be shipped 7 to 10 days after the order is confirmed, and large orders will be shipped 18-25 days after the order is confirmed. Delivery time depends on the order quantity.



7. FAQ of the Stainless steel eye nuts

Q:Do you have your own factory?

A:Yes, we have our own factory which covers 2000 square meters.

Q: How soon can I get a sample?

A: It depends on the Express delivery efficiency, about 1-2 days we will send out if available.

Q: Can I order a sample of your product so I can see what it’s like before I buy?

A: Of course yes, we accept sample order.


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