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The plastic hook is made of POM material. POM's material has strong bearing capacity and is not easily deformed. Therefore, the plastic hook of POM is often used in daily life, as a clothes hook, towel hook and so on.

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1. Introduction of the plastic hooks

The raw material of the plastic hook is POM (M90), which has high heat resistance and is not easily deformed, and is widely used in daily life. As shown in the figure, the dimension W is 11 mm, D is 16.5 MM, H is 26 MM, h is 14 MM, d is 6 MM, material thickness is 5 mm, and hole diameter is 5 mm. Black color, and we also can customize the color for the customers.


2. Application of the plastic hook

A plastic hook use for outdoor bag pack and tents,our best design let your travel safety and comfortable.plastic hook can use at any places when you need to hookup your bag or other thing ,while the high quality will not let it break up easily.


3. Details of the plastic hook

The surface of the plastic hook is very smooth and has no blister. Because of the properties of the POM material are already very strong and the material thickness is 5MM, the quality of this plastic hook is very good, and the weight is 2 grams each piece.


4. Packaging and transportation of the plastic hooks

Packing: 50 pcs per pack, 96 grams per pack, packed in carton.

Transportation: The delivery time for small orders is 5-7 days, and the delivery time for large orders is 30-35 days.


5. FAQ of the plastic hooks

A: Are you a factory or a trading company?

Q: We are a manufacturer and our factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.


A: Can I have some samples?

Q: Of course, please contact us if necessary.


A: Do you have an electronic catalogue?

Q: Yes, please contact us, our staff will send you an electronic version of the product catalog.


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