Brass Secure Fastening

The brass secure fastening is also named “OWOZ”. It is a versatile hardware accessory for the marine industry, the automotive industry, the luggage industry and musical instruments.

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Product Details

1. Product Introduction of the brass secure fastening

The size of the brass secure fastening is 20*18mm. The main feature distinguishes it from other styles is that it has a smooth head. It looks more simple and generous.



2. Product Parameter (specification) of the brass secure fastening





Surface preparation

Nickel plating

Maximum load-bearing capacity

>1200 N




+/- 0.05MM


3. Product feature and application of the brass secure fastening

Because the bearing capacity of the OWOZ button is large, the tensile force that can be withstood by professional tests is more than 1200N, so people often use it to install on the boat to cope with the strong wind and heavy weather of the ocean, in order to protect the boat from bad weather.



4. Production details of the brass secure fastening

What makes this style design special is its smooth head, which helps customers to customize their own logo. The logo is placed on a large plane, which can solve the problem that the logo of the customer is too large or too complicated.


5. Product qualification of the brass secure fastening

Company introduce

In 1995, our company was formally established in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. From the initial manual production mode to the current mechanized production mode, the production efficiency has been greatly improved. With 23 years development, SNOWL has more than 100 kinds of products to meet the specific market needs and our products are hot sold at overseas markets, for example the UK, turkey, Germany, Spain, France and Italy, etc.





6. Deliver,shipping and serving of the brass secure fastening

Packages: 1000 pieces each carton, weight is about 10 kg/CTN.



About 1 month, the actual delivery time is subject to the order quantity.


7. FAQ of the brass secure fastening

Q: How many staffs work for your factory?

A: More than 100 experienced people work there.

Q: Which industry field are your product is suitable used in ?

A: Our products are used in such industries as marine boat, guitar, bag, car, medicine and so on.

Q: If I need related products to match our fasteners such as installation tool for hex socket head cap screw, can you supply these? What type of supported products can you offer for us?

A: We not only provide our customer with the fastener we produce, but also can provide nuts for screws, springs, washers, stamping parts, also other items you require us to buy.

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