Plastic Twist Lock

The plastic twist lock is made of POM material and can be used instead of the metal twist lock. It is characterized by light weight, toughness and elasticity, and the price is cheaper than the metal twist lock. POM material twist lock can be used for daily necessities such as bags, cars, and has been more and more popular in recent years.

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1. Introduction of the plastic twist lock

The raw material for the plastic twist lock is POM. POM is a tough, elastic and heat-resistant material that has excellent creep resistance, geometric stability and impact resistance even at low temperatures. The design of this plastic twist lock is simple and practical, and can be installed without any screw fittings.

Plastic twist lock 1

2. Parameters of the plastic twist lock

Item NO
ColorBlack(Color can be customized)
Bags, boats, cars, toys...

3. The effect of the plastic twist lock

The products made with POM are a wide range of plastic parts. POM plastic parts can be seen everywhere in people's lives, such as safety buckles for baby carriages and connecting buckles for pet necklaces. And we can often see the plastic twist lock used as a lock for bag.

Plastic twist lock 2

4. Design details of the plastic twist lock

The design of the plastic twist lock is very simple and convenient, and it is extremely practical. It does not require any screw fittings during the installation process. We only need to insert the ball head design in the fitting into the existing hole of the fitting to assemble the twist lock and it cannot be easily disassembled. Is it very simple and convenient, correct?

Plastic twist lock 3

5. Quality assurance of the plastic twist lock

Our factory is located in the well-developed Foshan City, close to Guangzhou, with convenient transportation. Our factory has its own quality inspection to ensure product quality and product pass rate of 99%. Moreover, all of our products have passed the ROHS test standard and are sold at home and abroad. Through many participation in the exhibition, we have also successfully promoted our products and are supported and loved by our customers.

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6. Transportation of the plastic twist lock

Packing: Normal carton packaging

Transportation: The lead time for small orders is about 3-7 days, and the lead time for large orders is about 30-35 days.

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